10 Good Reasons You Should Marry a Kikuyu Woman

Kikuyu Woman. When you are planning to marry a woman, people are going to tell you a huge lie that a woman is just a woman. Don’t believe that. If you are to make a decision, you need to be sure of the character of the woman, where the woman comes from and how she acts. Marriage is a life sentence. You need to be contented before you get into it to avoid regrets. I would suggest that you marry the daughters of Mumbi. Let me tell you why I am suggesting this to you.
1) They are supportive
I have heard of the wrong notion that Kikuyu women love money. Forget about that stereotype. Maybe a few of them do just like any other woman from another tribe. Kikuyu women stick by their men in sickness and in health. Through wealth and poverty, they stay along. No Kikuyu woman will leave her man simply because the man has lost his job. If you want a long lasting marriage, please hook up with one of the Kikuyu ladies.
2) They are hardworking
Show me a Kikuyu woman whose children have slept hungry without her doing her best to find food for them. These women will do anything in their powers to find something to do. They lay down their degrees and academic papers and get their hands dirty just for money. They are never embarrassed trying something new. These women are worth a million to be with. They will cover your back like your own mother.
3) They dream big
Just get an 80 year old Kikuyu grandmother and ask her whet she wants. She will tell you she wants to buy a plot and build rental houses. These women are entrepreneurial. Their minds are programmed to always think about money. They never waste their money in useless spending and ventures. Believe me, when you have a Kikuyu woman as your wife, you have a manager for your funds. You can never go wrong with money and investment.
4) They have a saving mentality
When you hand a Kikuyu woman 500 shillings, be sure she will save 200 shillings. Kikuyu women value saving more than spending. They are always thinking about tomorrow. Every time they get money, their minds aye programmed to save even as they spend. They know that in order for one to invest, there is need to first save.
The daughters of Mumbi are naturally intelligent. What crowns it all is the beauty in them. These women are among the most beautiful women in the continent. They drive men crazy.

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