A cow born with a human face and other features in KuGatyana South Africa.

A cow born with a human face and other features in KuGatyana South Africa.

It is true that the world is changing and it’s coming to an end. As it was said on the bible that when the world is close to an end we will experience a lot of out of ordinary existence. As we are currently facing them now. A cow recently ate someone’s leg which left everyone shocked in South Africa, and the world at large is facing a pandemic that is killing people daily like ants which is Covid-19. If you were to go through the bible, you will see a lot of things mentioned that are now happening in the world.blank

An old lady from Gatyana experienced a very shocking incident where she had to help her own cow deliver a baby and was shocked to see the features of a human. She says it was during the day at 12PM when she saw the cow and knew that it wanted to deliver as it was pregnant for a certain period of time. She couldn’t do it all alone, she got help from her two kids who pointed out the features during the process and ended up running away because it was very scary and of course unusual.blankblank

A link below has the explanation in isiXhosa and features pointed out by the old lady.

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The lady had said that it is not the first time this cow gives birth, I did before and it was a normal baby cow but this time around it surprised everyone with a miracle baby cow human. The reporter believes that it may have something to do with witchcraft which is why he asked the lady if she knows anything of such. Well the lady’s response was no, and she can’t testify on something she has never seen.blankblankblank

Do also tell us what you think of this miracle human cow. Apparently the baby cow is dead as no one knew how to take care of it and even the mother paid no attention to it’s breed.

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