Apostle James Ng’ang’a Of Neno Is My Biological Father And He Confirmed It After Years- Says a Lady

Apostle James Ng’ang’a

Naomi Wangari Maina was born in Murungaru village in Kinangop which is in Nyandarua county. She grew up there with her parents and her siblings. Naomi who was then commonly known as Wangari went to Rutere primary and that was the end of her education.


When growing up, she could sense that she never belonged to her family because she was light skinned while her siblings were dark. Her ‘dad’ would also mistreat her and he would bring gifts to other children and he wouldn’t buy for her.

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What made her feel like she was not at home was how she would be given her younger sister’s old clothes when hers got torn and her sister would be bought for new ones. All the same, she was too young to understand some things.

One day when she visited her grandmother’s place, her aunt who was her mum’s sister told her that her ‘father’ wasn’t her biological father. “That is not your father. Your father was once employed around this place as a herds boy. He was very handsome and his name was Jimmy,” she quoted her aunt’s words during an interview by Keziah wa Kariuki.

She then started following up all those that she thought looked like her in the quest of finding her father. She even started visiting the places she was told this man, Jimmy was working, to see if they would recognise her.

All she could find wasn’t pleasing her because all those people she followed were not related to her. Remember she couldn’t ask her mother because asking such questions those days was taken as being rude.

She never attended any highschool much as she was bright enough to be chosen by Naivasha girls high school. Her mum took her to learn tailoring and she never liked it. She thought it was a course meant for failures and she wasn’t one.

Naomi later got married and she got a son. After sometime, the man that married her mum got sick and she went to see him. While at the hospital, she received a call. Upon receiving that call,the caller introduced himself and she was so shocked. How could such a famous person call her?

She switched off her phone but he called again after she turned it on. He requested her to meet him but because it was late, she switched off her phone. The next day, he called and requested to meet her at Makadara.

Guess who the man was? Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno himself. He recognised her immediately after meeting. Pastor Ng’ang’a took her together with other men and they entered a Mercedes Benz. Those men plus him held hands and prayed. All this time Naomi was asking herself so many questions.

They went straight to his office and he started asking her questions. It was at that point that he revealed that he is her dad. They couldn’t hold it, they both hugged and cried together. Pastor Ng’ang’a said that he used to look for her but her mother was married to another man but he had been looking for her. She even remembered seeing a man buy some mandazi for her when she was young.

He had gotten her number from her uncle, brother to her mum. It was such a joyful moment. He introduced her to his wife and his other children who received her. Her mum also accepted that Ng’ang’a was her father after a long time of denial.

She said this on an interview done by Keziah Wa Kariuki on YouTube. Below are the links to the two videos.

Apostle James Ng’ang’a

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