Be careful of this when buying Coke

Be careful of this when buying Coke


Nothing feels like heaven on a hot day, like a can or bottle of Coca-Cola. This beverage is known to do its magic perfectly, when it comes to quenching the thirst. However, under the sun there’s always side effects or consequences to deal with later, when the fun is over.

Undoubtedly coke is the favored drinks of all times, it even holds bold and fun memories for many South Africans. Cherishing all the nineties that came with the small 250ml.

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It is very important to take time to look and do a research on the ingredients of Coca-Cola, before consuming it. The acidity and sugary ingredients of this beverage are way to high, and that can result to tooth enamel and cavity. If you know the pain of tooth cavity, you know that consuming this beverage often is not a right choice.

There is the famous saying that says “you are what you eat.” In this case you are what you drink. Drinking coke daily has the same amount negative effect on your skin as smoking. It is said that the consumption of soda has an inflammatory effect of the body due to the maximum sugar levels.

The best thing one can do to save themselves from going through a phase of low esteem is to always check the ingredients on every bottle of soda drinks.

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