Here is the lady who was bitten by a cow to death and the full story behind it

Here is the lady who was bitten by a cow to death and the full story behind it


A very sad incident that happened in the rural areas of South Africa in Transkei kuQumbu of a woman who died of a cow that bitten her leg. Her youngest daughter shared a voice message explaining what exactly happened and how it happened, because people are now coming up with their own stories.

The last daughter’s name is Aviwe, she is working to Willowvale and this whole incident happened during December when she visited her mom for December holidays since she had closed from work. She visited her mother on the 18th of December. When she got there her mother told her that she will br visiting her older sister’s husband who was sick at that time and help where she can as her daughter must be very stressed and had a lot to take in.blankblank

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Well she woke up the following day and they were having a good time as her mother was preparing to leave to her older daughter’s house. Eventually she did. She got there and walked a bit from the taxi stop and even passed a tavern but right after she saw a cow approaching her. She was carrying a few plastic bags of groceries, so she thought that what the cow wanted and she quickly dropped the plastics and slightly ran off. The cow left the plastics and went straight to her, as you can see on the picture she’s a very old woman, she tried running until she got in a place that was a bit trapped and the cow ate her leg. She tried fighting the cow, but it was too big, no one can ever fight a cow alone in any way. It was only the leg that got bitten.blank

She was then taken to hospital and she was fine, even on the phone call with her youngest daughter she said ” I am fine, if I was gonna die I would have died right at that moment” that actually left hope for her family, little did they know she will leave them. She later on died the following day in hospital, and it was said that she experienced an Asthma attack.blank

Please stop joking around with other people’s pain. This young lady had to do a note explaining because people came up with their stories and some where joking about it. It has to stop now.

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