COVID-19 vaccines don’t alter DNA, expert says

COVID-19 vaccines don’t alter DNA, expert says


A medical expert debunked myths about COVID-19 vaccines at a conference on Thursday.

Photo of Coronavirus vaccine used to illustrate this story (Credit: Bloomberg)
COVID-19 vaccines don’t alter DNA, expert says –Photo of Coronavirus vaccine used to illustrate this story (Credit: Bloomberg)

Against allegations in some quarters, Dr Oluwagbenga Adeola, a medical expert, says COVID-19 vaccines cannot alter the human Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

Mr Adeola is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, College of Medicine and Health Science, Bingham University Teaching Hospital.

He debunked the myth at the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Plateau chapter, when he delivered the keynote address on the theme entitled: “Demystifying the Myth Around COVID-19 Vaccine.”

According to him, the vaccine when administered enters the cells, but not the nucleus of the cells where the DNA of man resides, thereby demystifying the myth that the vaccine alters the recipient’s DNA.

He said the vaccine stimulated an adaptive immune response in the immune system to protect the recipient.

He further debunked the myth that the vaccine caused electromagnetic reactions or contained a tracking device.

The expert disclosed that the vaccines had no trace of iron, cobalt, lithium or rare earth alloys and they also lacked microchips or electrodes and as such, all brands of the vaccine could not cause magnetism.

According to him the myth of predicted early death of vaccine recipients due to Antibody Dependency Enhancement (ADE) is also false as specific precautions were taken to prevent the ADE during the vaccine development.

Mr Adeola said that spike protein was used and there hasn’t been any reported case or cases of ADE in recipients of the vaccine .

The expert said the efficacy of the vaccine was more compared to the side effects.

He blamed the poor vaccine coverage to vaccine hesitancy and apathy.

COVID-19 vaccines don’t alter DNA, expert says


Mr Adeola said the vaccine was safe and encouraged people to avail themselves to get vaccinated as the vaccine helped protect the individual and built herd immunity too.

Earlier, the chairman of the AGM, Professor Sebastian Maimako, the immediate past vice chancellor of the University of Jos, pointed out that misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine, especially on social media, had misled people.

According to him, despite concerted efforts toward the development of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, there are a lot of people who are still sceptical in availing themselves to get vaccinated due to various myths such as “it contains toxic ingredients that are harmful to people.”

The others he mentioned were that it was a form of birth control designed to compromise people’s fertility.

He opined that the theme of the AGM was apt in addressing myths about the vaccine.

The chairperson of the NMA, Plateau chapter, Dr Innocent Emmanuel in his welcome address said the theme of the AGM was topical as the enigma presented by the virus, compounded by the myths as regards the COVID-19 virus and vaccine if not demystified, would leave a trail of regrets and consequences of ravaging proportions.

The occasion had in attendance various religious associations and traditional leaders amongst others .

The AGM which commenced on July 29 will end on July 30.