Emotional Video of Late Comedian Othuol Othuol Saying RIP to Himself Causes a Stir Online

Emotional video of Late Comedian Othuol Othuol

A scene from the drama series Auntie Boss where recently deceased comedian Othuol was mistaken to have passed away has surfaced online just days after his demise. What touched many online was that the comedian appeared to wish himself a peaceful rest as he gatecrashed his own funeral arrangement ceremony.


The skit showed a meeting arranged to mourn the death of McKenzie (the character of Othuol in the drama) and the mourners were fundraising to cater for his funeral ceremony. As they came up with a plan, McKenzie walked into the room and they all run helter-skelter having seen a dead man walking. McKenzie wondered what was the reason behind their action until he saw a picture of himself on the table and some amount of cash – when it hit him they were actually planning for his burial.

Emotional video of Late Comedian Othuol Othuol


He laughed at the idea saying: “You mean to say, all these condolence messages and all they do is pass me by avoiding me on the road like they do not know me, human beings!” He took the contributions saying it was more than he was getting paid adding that death also had its own merits as he became the first man to benefit from his funeral offerings.

The video touched many who, now that the actor and comedian has died, some resemblance between the skit and the man’s real life, except the coming back to life part of course. A photo went viral on the internet showing how Othoul’s message appealing for financial help was ignored for weeks until his death. Jalang’o was then rumoured to have been the one who ignored the message sparking mixed reactions.


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