Erick Omondi’s  Ex ‘Girlfriend’ Releases Her Nudes Online (Photos)

Erick Omondi’s  Ex ‘Girlfriend’ Releases Her Nudes Online (Photos)




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Out with the old cargos. Bienvenidas to the new young, wild and carefree hoes.

The mama Yao, Verah Sidika now spends her time cradling her baby bump. Having taken P2s enough to fill my bedsitter, she is still surreal that her womb could still carry a fetus to term

Would you blame her? Her body count can fill three Mbukinyas, and do not forget that the ass she flaunts is nothing but silicon. If I was her, I’d be thrilled to know that there was some legitimately, natural feminine aspects in me

Instead of photos in the Maldives sucking the cock of bellicose Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, son of Equatorial Guinea’s despot(one of her numerous sponsors) – she now cooks for struggling Coast artist and lover boy Brown Mauzo

“I love you so much my husband Brown Mauzo,” Vera Sidika recently captioned a video of her baby bump.

“We are pregnant and we could not be more excited! We decided it was time to add an entertainer to our Lil family. We have for some time, wanted to share our lovely news.”

Such news would have broken the internet half a decade ago when socialites were the rave of the showbiz industry.

The industry is no longer wowed by nudes of bleached swamp rats courtesy of river road mkorogos, or overpriced weaves that one can swim with, nuh… We are less amused by attention-seeking reprobates lately

That is why Bridget Achieng’s ugly, fat, unfiltered nudes leaking saw her get bashed, not admired.

Corazon Kwamboka is now married and no longer on flights from one end of the world to another; Risper Faith is raising a child and struggling to use surgery to gain her lost flat tummy

Huddah has somehow grown irrelevant, and Vanessa Chettle has retired to Eldoret, as a mogoka chewing nonentity. Pendo? Who even remembers that loud, aggressive sl*t?

No one remembers Maura Malanga, or Ella Ciru. Mishi Dora is non-existent, as is Pesh Lema.

Efforts to revive the socialite scene have always hit a snag, occasioned by less structured ideas and young players who are years late to the game.

In May, popular Comedian Eric Omondi announced that the second season of his Wife Material show will not be coming to a YouTube channel near you, blaming a rogue contestant for the cancellation.

On September 24, 2020, singer Mauzo proposed to Vera Sidika, in what initially seemed like hype. This happened weeks after Mauzo began dating controversial socialite Amber Ray, who recently was involved in a scuffle with her co-wife, Amira. Amber Ray was also involved with Otile Brown, who sang Baby Love for Vera.

Now, as Vera celebrated her pregnancy, with a star-studded gender-reveal party over the weekend, Mauzo remains coy about the pregnancy, brushing off our questions about the child’s paternity.

“I have settled down. This is completely a new Vera Sidika. I am no longer the socialite girl, and I do not want anyone to view me that way anymore. That is now in my past and whatever is in my past stays there. I have moved on to more serious things in life. I am more mature now and more into an investment,” said Vera, who once indicated she was done with men and would rather have a child through a sperm donor, and not a partner.

She added, “When I talked about thinking of getting sperm bank services, I had not factored what God’s will was. Covid-19 came and I could not travel to the US; then I got a boyfriend who turned into my husband. Before I knew it we were talking about getting a baby. Now the baby is on the way,” said Vera.

Now an established businesswoman, Vera says she is no longer anxious about making all those international trips she used to make in a luxury life where she would have holidays with her lovers and prominent musicians.

With the likes of Sidika, the new chic in town include the uncultured Shakira

The teenager who claims she had a sexual relationship with Victor Wanyama in exchange for Sh700,000 has stood by her word despite threats of a legal suit from the star footballer.

Shakila January 21 took to the airwaves to claim she owns a home in Nairobi’s Westlands area. Opening up about her family, education, love, and lifestyle in a Radio Maisha interview on Konnect, Shakila told Mwende Macharia and Clemo that she is 18-years-old, and not 19 as widely believed, and that her lover who bought her the house is an ‘old foreign national’.

Confirming that she has been with 97 men, Shakila revealed that she is five days into a 40-day celibacy quest and is flying out to meet Tanzanian Bongo Flava star Rayvanny on January 28, 2021. “It’s true I’ve been with 97 men because I was a porn addict. I wasn’t in a relationship at the time, it was just for leisure and it just stopped. I think I grew out of it. I’m, now, actually, set on clocking 40 days without ‘doing anything. I want to be celibate.”

Adding: “I am flying to Tanzania to meet Rayvanny… He is single and for the streets… I honestly like Rayvanny; it is his eyes, body… If I can’t be with that person (Rayvanny), then I don’t want to be in a relationship. There are so many things to think about; I have projects on the way, I want to continue building my brand and endorsements. I don’t want to be in a situation where I promise commitment, and yet I don’t, really, want to.”