Famous Socialite Who Used to Spend Sh2Million on Alcohol Now Chokoraa in Eldoret

Famous Socialite Who Used to Spend Sh2Million on Alcohol Now Chokoraa in Eldoret
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Vanity. That’s what springs from a life of profanity and debauchery.

See, youthfulness and beauty in a woman give her an enviable and arousing sheen. But only virtue and values can sustain the glow. One starved of these will soon have her beauty become lackluster and wane in the abyss of an empty life

My opinion on socialites is the worst kept secret. They are harlots. Period. Well yes, prostitution is as old as life itself but what often stirs my angst is how they package themselves as women of class, high society women who young women often look up to and admire their lifestyles

Save for bleached skin, fat derriere, pompous, often exaggerated lifestyles paid for by senile, rich men, empty skull, and poorly thought out business ventures sponsored by men, there’s nothing to admire

Most times, their sandcastles come tumbling down. Take Vanessa Chemutai who annexed her Kalenjin name and adopted one with a Western flavor- Chettle

Vanessa came to the limelight after getting married to an old mzungu at the tender age of 19.

She once had to defend herself from claims on social media that she was HIV positive, including taking a HIV test in front of the camera.

The rumor was that she was spreading it to all celebrities in Nairobi, starting with Shaffie Weru, Nick Mutuma, Ephy Saints, and a host of other celebrities including the DJs at Changes pub.

She also once claimed to be bisexual and took nude photos with a local female rapper and posted them on social media.

She’s also known to be an avid shisha smoker who partied hard with the likes of Joe Muchiri who has managed to stay afloat, hanging out with the likes of Kamene Goro while the girl who called him pusher is now a riffraff in Uasin Gishu

So much for the o called ‘fair-weather friends.’ Uki ishiwa, wanapotea

In her prime, she was one of the most popular celebrity socialites because she was an attractive nubile young lass. She was what most other socialites pretend to be; naturally alluring and aesthetically pleasing.

She would hang out with the likes of Prezzo, Erick Omondi, Fidel Odinga, and other celebs

“Kisumu was a blast..! Shout out to the best host #FidelOdinga plus the outstanding job he did as the rugby chairman #Dala7s”

In 2015, she withdrew close to two million shillings and took out some friends for a night out at Dusit before the real party started.

But soon enough, the attention and fame got to her head. When she was cast in Nairobi Diaries, she would always get into physical altercations and she eventually got arrested for the same.

Then her downward spiral began when she met some bad boy and got pregnant. The thirsty men who flocked her vamoosed.

She was now a mother but we were treated to videos and photos of her partying and smoking bhangi. She was a mother whose social media showed us a glimpse into the world of a woman fighting to cling to her last hurrah.

“I am a single parent and I need time for myself, so I decided to go out and celebrate as well as network. What’s wrong with that? As a new mum, I am doing the best I can to raise my daughter but I also need time to myself,” she said.

In an interview, Vanessa also revealed that immediately her man realized she was pregnant, he distanced himself and they eventually broke up.

“I met him in Eldoret last year and after three months, I got pregnant. When I broke the news, he started behaving weirdly and we broke up. He has not helped me financially or emotionally. We have never talked,” she revealed the sad truth.

And then like a cloud of smoke, she was gone. She slid back home to her parents in Eldoret and her social media went silent for a time.

When she reemerged, she was dating a DJ from her home county, and soon enough, she was pregnant again.

Lacking any viable skills outside of simply existing, Vanessa Chettle ran afoul of life. But she, like Amber Ray found herself a good man. Someone willing to be a stepfather for her eldest child (or you know, the father that stepped up) and bail her out of the hole she had dug herself into.

Right now, she is a mother of two who is often pictured drinking keg, cheap spirits, and chewing mogoka (jaba) in Eldoret

Famous Socialite Who Used to Spend Sh2Million on Alcohol Now Chokoraa in Eldoret