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#Generation The Legacy: Lucie Might Die A Peacefully Death. See What Will Luthando Do To Her.

Generation the legacy is going to be lit as Luthando is looking forward to begin a hot war between her and Diale’s. Let find out how she might lose her life for good.


Lucy was kind of a boyfriend to Luthando while they were in prison. They promised to take care of each other when they came out of prison. Well Lucy was lucky to come out first in prison which is the reason she totally forgot about Luthando.


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Luthando is back to fulfill the promise that she made which is to take care of his handsome man Lucy. But Lucy is not interested to Luthando anymore.

Which is the reason why Luthando decided to rape her and there is a High probability that she might kill her after raping her

Do you support what Luthando did ?? If not why

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Generation The Legacy

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