Hamisa Mobetto Finally Confesses that She got Pregnant 4 Times for Diamond

The Chibu Dangote residence is on fire again after Hamisa Mobetto’s latest confession on live radio. The woman who was once described as a homewrecker by her nemesis Zari Hassan said she did not get pregnant just once for Diamond Platnumz. According to the former model, she and the internationally recognised musician had three miscarriages before their son Dylan came along.


“If there is someone who was sure about wanting to be a dad, it was Diamond. The two of us did not get pregnant just once. We had three miscarriages before finally being blessed with Dylan,” she told Wasafi FM.

The mother of two added that she and the singer were in a serious relationship and had been lovers for long. Theirs was not just a case of warming each other’s bed. The two were in love and would even travel together.

Hamisa proudly said that parenthood was always in their books and they chose to keep their misfortunes private and away from the eyes of critics. The business lady also admitted she was always heartbroken by how her baby daddy’s mother never embraced her lovechild. “I once tried to send a text to her on Whatsapp during her birthday but she ignored me. Diamond told me to talk to her. It makes me sad to see my son get sidelined by his grandmother,” the single mum added. In 2017, Hamisa who was tired of lurking in the shadows came clean about the child she and Diamond had sired.

At that time, the two had only been rumored to be lovers and Zari had already developed deep-seated hate towards the beauty. Hamisa created an Instagram page for her son Dylan and tagged the Bongo star as her baby daddy. She insisted on naming the little boy young lion. Months later, Diamond also admitted he had cheated on Zari and shortly after that, the two broke up.

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