Here are reasons why a man goes missing in action after your first date

You met a terrific man. He’s been romantic and you’ve been going out for weeks. You see a shot in the relationship, but he pulls a disappearing act as soon as you fully let him into your life after the first date.

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He has accomplished his mission

He has won over your heart and doesn’t see the need to get in touch. There are men of this kind out there. He’s happy to realize that somewhere he has a girl and he doesn’t see the need to keep the sparks glowing. His work is done you can never predict the pattern.

Test to evaluate your seriousness

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He has proved himself to you, has taken you to every place in your bucket list ever since, fulfilled every wish you uttered, and so passionately professed that he loves you. You haven’t done too much yourself while he was a good sport, and he needs to know if he means anything to you, if his acts of chivalry have had any effect on you. But he’s not getting in touch. And he’s not going to do that until you drop your selfish actions and do anything for him.

Has nothing to say

Women will chat on the phone for hours. Oddly, men are wired differently. Men should call to let their women chat, but if the woman is a sort that talks less, then until there is so much to catch up with, and that can take weeks, he sees no point in calling. If you think he’s gone forever, maybe he’ll just surprise you with a call.

The chase was to easy

He was intrigued by you at first. The first move he made. You were too anxious for him to let the chase proceed. For him, you did the entire job, and you didn’t read his hints that he likes to be a hunter, not a prey. Perhaps on the first night, you went home with him? Don’t stick close to your phone too long, he’s not going to call.

He is an Idiot

You’re a sweet girlfriend, but he’s just not interested in you. A girl has to prove to him that she deserves him, and he is used to being pampered. There are signs that you need to be vigilant to realize that he’s the type of guy. Will he talk more about him? Is he offering you a long guide on ‘how to make him stay’? He doesn’t call, and he doesn’t wait for him.

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