Here are Four Major Things Jalang’o Did For Othuol Othuol Before He Died

Things Jalang’o Did For Othuol Othuol

Kiss FM radio host Felix Odiwuor, popularly known by his stage name, Jalango or Jalas is an emotional man today. The flamboyant comedian cum actor cum events emcee came across a blog claiming that he denied the late Churchill show comedian Othuol Othuol KES 15K for his second MRI.

The blog associated the trending screenshot of the fallen comedian desperately begging an unidentified guy for 15k with Jalas.


Jalas has come out to defend himself strongly. He revealed that Kenyan comedians have a WhatsApp group where Sandra Dacha (popularly known as Siprosa of Auntie Boss) has been the treasurer since Othuol was admitted. They have even had three separate fund raisers since then.

According to him, they tried their best and they are all saddened that he had to die just like that.

He then went ahead to spill the beans about the four things he did for Othuol Othuol that stormed him to the limelight.

Firstly, Jalas is the first person that put Othuol on stage. He gave him roles to act in Luo plays.

Secondly, he gave Othuol his very first TV show dubbed ‘Sirkal Ya Bibi’ which used to air on K24 TV.

Thirdly, Jalango is the first person that put Othuol Othuol on a standup comedy stage. He put him on Kenya Kona, a show that used to be very popular before Churchill.

Fourthly, Jalas put Othuol on his very first TV commercial. He advertised Safari Battery and it is the former Papa Shirandula actor that connected him.

Jalango was explaining all those things in an effort to make Kenyans understand how close he was with the late. And indeed they were.


Things Jalang’o Did For Othuol Othuol

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