Isencane Lengane: Mzansi reacts to these photos of Siyacela after they were leaked

Moja love show Isencane lengane is on of the South African shows that always leaves people with mixed emotions. The show is about two young people deciding to get marries at a very tender age, their decided to put marriage first above anything else. Other people are busy chasing their dreams by going to school, obtaining degrees and getting their dream jobs. But it seems for Siyacela mad Thando that’s not their main goals as they rather get into marriage, this was really confusing fir any as they say his can both the families agree such to happen.

Tines have changed and we should be teaching our children about being independent and getting education so that they can secure their future rather than chasing relationships. For this young couple it has really been a bumpy road and they face different challenges in their lives, many viewers don’t think that their marriage will last as they say when they becinw become matured they will both go their separate ways.

Many viewers were very disappointed after finding out that Siyacela had quit high school when the second season if the show started, people talked about he lacked ambitions and goals. He is married yet he doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, at least Thando is still on school and chasing after her dreams to get in varsity. While on the other hand Siyacela quit school and he is always at home depending on his father to support him, it seems he has no intentions of becoming independent and he will continue to rely on his father all his life. This did not sit well with many people as they questioned why did he marry Thando if he wasn’t going to do anything with his life, dropping out at high school at such a tender age is really concerning because it shows he has nothing planned out for his future.