Khanyi Mbau finds love again

It’s pouring unfamiliar men and Khanyi Mbau has figured out how to grab herself one from the country of Zimbabwe. Nonetheless, researching into the her new man’s previous life we are frightened that it may end in tears.


Khanyi Mbau whose last open relationship was with Tebogo Lerole has now re-introduces us with her new bae. Taking to Instagram Khanyi posted a pic of her bae followed by one of them together snuggling with Brian McKnight’s The remainder of my life playing out of sight.blank

One can tell that the woman is a lady in adoration. Presently we needed to immediately go around and locate a couple of things about him.What we found so wasn’t charming he supposedly left Zimbabwe in an undesirable note and now he right now remains in Dubai. blank

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From a specific Instagram page, numerous individuals came up to say they know him from Zimbabwe and he is accused of being a scammer. Notwithstanding, these reports are as yet unsubstantiated however we understood that Zimbabwe papers have conveyed a couple of articles on him which express that the police are right now searching for him. blank

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