Ladies Here are Ways to Identify a Male Gold digger

Male Gold digger

Gold digging has always been a common activity carried out by the women folk. Men have recently joined the practice and male gold diggers have limited reserves and end up milking ordinary women who are just trying to make ends meet. It might be hard at first to spot a male gold digger because they use entirely different tactics than women. Over the years men have proved to be more cunning. Below are the red flags to watch out for:


He has no interest in finding a job

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Although reaping where they have not sown is not a natural feature for men, gold-digging men make it easy to spot them in this unnatural phenomenon. Men’s natural impulses are to provide for a woman or demonstrate at least that they are able to take care of their basic needs.


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Has zero ambitions

Rarely are gold diggers of both genders motivated. Most of them now just want to enjoy their lives. There is no grand plan to start a company, or to meet senior leadership, or to change the world. Why are they going to want to? It serves them well as they always get what they want.

Never pays back borrowed money

When they appear stuck financially, it is easy to give a partner some cash. Male gold diggers will remind you that their rent is due when the cash they expect has not yet been cleared. Remember that if you bail them out and pay their rent, they’re just going to thank you and behave even more like they love you.

Gives a lot of attention towards payday

Their love graph for you increases once they know you are about to earn your money. They give you undue attention so that you feel compelled to spoil them and their affection often diminishes until the money runs out.

Unrealistic high standards

Male gold diggers always have a taste for the finer things in life and always complement the good things you have, such as a nice watch, a nice haircut, etc. Check out the kind of people he is hanging around with, too, because you might not notice your man’s gold-digging nature, but you will definitely notice it in his people.




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