My Husband Divorced Me Because ‘I Am Too Much For Him’ – Woman Cries Her Heart Out

Every minute or second, a marriage falls apart, every minute divorce papers are signed across the world.

People dirvoce even for the silliest of reasons, like this instance of a woman who shared why her husband divorced her, “being too much”.

Think about it, why would you marry someone only to find that she is “too much” for ypu after a few years into the marriage. It does not make sense.

This lady shared a writing with her picture and said :

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“My husband said i am too much, and he divorced me”.


However pretty surprisingly she failed to clarify the whole story, it is either she was afraid of being embarassed or something else.

But clearly she was in need of relationship advice, but judging from her being divorced legally the advice would not work for her.

She was pretty sad when she posted this provided she added a sad “emoji” next to her post. Many relationships and marriages fall because of the craziest of things.

What are your thoughts about this?

What advice would you give to her?

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