“Othuol was in Denial,” Medic Reveals Details of How Comedian Messed Up His Health

Othuol was in Denial

The death of Churchill show Comedian Othuol Othuol on Sunday left several Kenyans mourning a man who brough joy to their living rooms by cracking their ribs.

Ben Mourice Onyango, commonly known for his stage name Othuol, died while receiving treatment at the Kenyatta National Hospital. Reports indicate that Othuol had been ailing from Tuberculosis and was later on diagonized with a brain tumor.


His deaths sparked a series of blame games, with a section of Kenyans blaming Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill) Felix Odiwuor (Jalango) and other comedians for not helping Othuol settle his medical bills and regain his health.

However, there is a new twist of events as Eric Amunga, a Reproductive Medicine Specialists and a Men’s Health Consultant has come out to say that the Comedian was responsible for his own misfortunes.

Eric, commonly known for his twitter name @Amerix has told of netizens who have blamed comedians for not stepping up to save the life of their colleague.

According to Amerix, Othuol did not accept his condition, and the fact that he had chronic tuberculosis. Instead the comedian continued taking alcohol alongside TB medicines, hence the reason for the relapse in his health.

“Othuol was diagnosed with Pulmonary TB. He failed to adhere to treatment and got a relapse. – An extra-pulmonary TB. He then slid into alcoholism, – and we all know that alcohol and TB drugs is a lethal combination. Then organ failure. All this time, artists paid his bills.” Wrote Amerix on his Twitter page.

Eric also went ahead to claim that Othuol was in denial of his economic status too.

“Othuol was in denial. He refused to accept that you can be a celebrity and be broke. – You can be a celebrity but still get a chronic illness like TB. Nothing wrong here. We are human beings not immortals. He refused to accept his demons.- They devoured him to death.” He added.

“A lesson to every man out there. It will be YOU vs YOUR DEMONS. Face your demons fiercely. People may help but will stop because they also have their demons.”

These sentiments sparked reactions from netizens who considered the Medical Practitioner to be insensitive to the plight of the deceased.

Othuol’s body will be interred in Siaya County, with Comedians having joined efforts to raise one Million Shillings to send off their brother.

Othuol was in Denial

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