Parents! This is why You must Check Your Daughter’s Phones

It is no uncertainty that the world has progressed in a bigger number of ways than one, everyday routine as we used to experience it changed when innovation was acquainted with the world. 10 years back cell phones were something a chose had the advantage of having. Presently in 2020, nearly everybody has a cell phone. Guardians are presently getting their kid telephones to play with rather than toys, this currently brings the topic of what risks are we placing our children into.

Shockingly for one parent, the outcomes of purchasing a cell phone for her youngster put her in clinic for a time of 3 days. This is each parent’s most exceedingly awful dread. How children deal with their telephones is something that can’t be controlled, they need admittance to web for school and should be on school WhatsApp gatherings. For this lady, her thirteenth year old girl went a little past utilizing the telephone for school and messing around, one dedicated day, her mom at last discovered.


According to the woman, she was sleeping at night when she suddenly woke up from her sleep. She decided to go and check on her daughter, to her surprise, she was still awake at such late hours of the night busy with her phone. She didn’t think much of it as she thought her 13 year old daughter was just playing games. She decided to take the phone from her so that she can finally sleep since it was late. She went with the daughters phone back to her room to try and sleep again. The phone vibrated notifying her a message was coming in, she decide to check it, and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

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The daughters had been talking to different man on her social media accounts. These men were way older than her and to make matters worse, they were from all around the world. Some of these men were above 40 years, the age of her father. She was sending them dirty pictures of herself. Some were sent fully naked pictures. According to the mother her daughter is 13 but has a bigger build when it comes to her body, she has curves and everything. This was why men here sending her messages when they saw the pictures she posted.


After she was asked what she found on the phone she said the following:


The young lady was having a wide range of discussions with these men. She would even send photos of her private part to these men, and they will send theirs back. This truly gave the mother a smaller than usual cardiovascular failure. As indicated by her she quickly couldn’t rest. She felt a sharp torment on her chest, had a major fit of anxiety and must be hurried to clinic. For 3 days she was unable to do anything as her body was as yet in stun from what she saw. What she thought was a blameless 13 year old ended up being something different all on account of a cell phone.

She truly cautions guardians about the perils of purchasing their child’s cell phones. Telephones are required for correspondence yet once you go the additional mile as a parent to however your kid a cell phone, you open ways to alot of different things that may be unfortunate for your youngster’s psyche at whatever age they may be in. This implies that alot of nurturing abilities should be amended.


What is your take on the matter? What would you have done in such a case? Do you think it’s a good thing to give your child a smartphone?

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