Proof that Nelson Mandela died in prison and did not become the president of South Africa

For many years there’s a lot of questions regarding the death of Mandela and his imprisonment time. Nelson Mandela served his sentence in the Robert Island for the total of 27 years while fighting for a equal racial country and the freedom of black people from the grasp of apartheid.


By the time he got arrested he was a lawyer and a political activist and a committed member of the ANC party. He was granted visiting time every six months and would be given 30 minutes of his visiting time with his family.


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The first thing that raised a lot of people’s suspicion was when he divorced Winnie after being released from prison, then his presidential reign was the shortest in history. A renowned research, Fiona Bromme remember Mandela to have died during his imprisonment in 1980’s.


“I believe Nelson Mandela died in prison at the age of 67 yrs if my memory serves me right. ” said Fiona Bromme, the followed by Robert Crowder when mentioned that he remembers his Pa telling that Mandela passed away when I was still in high school during the late 80’s.

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