REVEALED, who really killed Senzo Meyiwa, it is not Kelly Khumalo or those five men.

Who really killed Senzo Meyiwa

Former Orlando Pirates player Senzo Meyiwa was shot and killed while visiting her Baby Mama Kelly Khumalo. His dad tried to push the police to find his killer, but they always failed. The old man ended up passing away without seeing his son s killers and the fact that his son was killed and the police couldn’t find the killer, may have contributed to his death because he was not a happy man. Mr Meyiwa expected the killer to be found within weeks since this is a high-profile case but then the police showed only incompetence. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into years but still Senzo s killer was not found.


Like in every case, people suspect someone and in this case people suspect Kelly Khumalo because they say that if she doesn’t tell who the killer is then it means she is the killer. People want her to go to jail for the murder while a small portion thinks Chicco Twala s son is responsible for the murder. There are too many speculations and people want justice and they feel that justice will be served only if Kelly Khumalo is arrested.

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I don’t think Kelly Khumalo is the killer. Firstly, because she wouldn’t kill her baby daddy and secondly Kelly Khumalo is not a killer, she might have too much bad luck, but she is no murderer. If JubJub was with her when the accident happened where kids lost their lives, South Africans were going to say that she had an argument with Jubjub, and a fight broke, and she lost control of the steering. South Africa hates Kelly Khumalo. Kelly is not stupid he wouldn’t kill her famous baby daddy because she knew her career and life would be over.

The reason why people want her to be jailed is because she was in the house but, if someone comes to your house and kills your boyfriend or girlfriend then threatens to kill you if you don’t keep it a secret, will you speak up? Kelly is a mother and it’s easy to threaten mothers because just by telling her you will kill her children if she speaks then she shuts her mouth up. The thugs showed her that they don’t care about the police by killing a famous SA football player so imagine if she were to cross them.

If Kelly was involved then why would she not pin it on someone?

She would have paid someone to say he’s the killer.

If she is involved then why were three boys arrested weeks after Senzo Meyiwa s death and then released after? Do you think she paid then? Then why did they sue the state for wrongful arrest?

If you think she took part in this then why didn’t she do it to other celebs she’s dated if she is capable of it?

People should understand that someone is glad that Kelly is blamed for all this and he is sitting comfortably in his house.

What if it was Chicco Twala s son? It was said that the gun that was used belonged to his father so why would he take a gun to see his girlfriend? If it’s for protection then why didn’t he leave it in the car?

Chicco Twala is very connected and he has always been defending his son so it’s easy for him to pull the strings to make sure his son doesn’t go to jail for it. If the gun that killed Senzo belonged to Chicco then how did it get into the hands of the thugs?

People want Kelly to suffer but the poor girl made a song telling people that she is not the one who killed Senzo but still they don’t want to believe her.

Who really killed Senzo Meyiwa

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