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SASSA! This Is How Much You Will Get For Child Support Grant On 03 December 2020.


Child Support Grant is a method used by the government to assist parents who are not coping financially.

Ever Since the grant was introduced in the late 90’s, it has increased by more than R200. Let us start by getting to know the history of Child Support Grants.


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Child Support Grants were introduced in the year 1998 by Former President Thabo Mbheki. They used to be just R100 per child.

In 2001, the amount was increased by R10. It then became R110 per child. In the year 2002, Child Suppory Grants were increased twice with an overall amount of R30.


The amount of Child Support Grants kept on increasing gradually to the point where it is now, in 2020, R440 per child. It happened that this amount ne increased by an addition of R500 per caregiver.

The increase happened because many families needed more support as the country was put under strict lockdown restrictions. The grant has since returned to the normal amount because many people have returned to work.

As most of you may have noticed, there have been claims that the grant will be increased for the month of December. These claims have been dismissed by Sassa on their website. They are not true.


It is therefore important for all child support grant beneficiaries to know that the amount they will be getting in December is R440.

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