See the list of South Africa celebrities living with chronic diseases, see the list below

South Africa celebrities

We have many of our South African celebrities living with different types of chronic illnesses, some prefers to deal with their condition privately which is out of the public eye. However they are some who chose to share their health conditions with the public as they know that they are many people out their who can relate to their situation. So they share his their journey and if possible some if the information can help another person with the same condition, they are welcome to take notes.blank

South African actor Howza Mosese who plays the character of Lerumo Chapedi on etv Scandal is on of the celebs with chronic illness. The actor has always been been open about his condition for years now as he revealed that he is living with diabetes. Howza has been living with the illness for the past 15 years, however the good news is that he has managed to keep his sugar levels intact for all the those years and he has never found himself in a critical condition


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South African radio, television presenter and actress Masechaba Moshoeshoe who was well known as a former etv Scandal actress left viewers in shook after years of no appearing on our screen and coming back to the acting industry not looking like she used to. When the actress joined the Muvhango cast she had lost weight rapidly which left fans concerned about her health. The actress recently opened up that she was diagnosed with Hypertension which led her to loose much weight.blank

Last but on least is Sophie Lichaba who remains as the most bravest woman considering what she had been through. Sophie soldered on and battled diabetes she the public didn’t believe she can pull through, she proved them wrong as she found until she conquered the disease. The mist loved actress is now back on our small screens doing what she loves the most and her health is improving each passing day.blank

South Africa celebrities

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