“She Must be Arrested”, Video of What this Woman Was Caught Doing in The Market Goes Viral

Video of What this Woman Was Caught Doing

There are a lot of things that some women do inside the market that are hidden to us. And if by any chances you were given the opportunity, to see what some traders do inside the market, with what they sell to their customers on Daily basis, you might stop buying things from the Market. Because the unspeakable and disheartening things, that some traders involved themselves in with their goods, which some unfortunate people who patronize them takes back to their home, deserves a punishment from the Law. Sometimes I imagine and ask myself, why some people can be so mean and inhuman, towards their fellow Human beings.


I was strolling down the internet this morning when, I came across a story that really got me thinking and wondering, if the good mindset I have towards my fellow South Africans, is being reciprocated to me also. Personally after reading the story, I was of the Opinion that what this woman was caught doing, is a crime that should get her arrested to answer to her crimes.

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According to the information gathered by the source, a woman shared her story of how she went to te market to purchase some food items at the market. So on getting to the market, she recalled that the smoked fish she has in her home has already finished, so she decided to buy fresh ones since she so much likes to cook with smoked fish. Not knowing that she will behold the sight of her life.

According to the story provided by the source, the Woman got to a certain shop of one trader, and saw a woman who was selling a smoked fish. She had some fishes as shown in the pictures contained in this Article, the ones in Bowl “A”, placed on top of the Table, are smoked fishes which were already rotten. Then the ones on bowl “B”, are smoked fishes which were still fresh and new. Thus, what this woman does is that, she had a small smooth brush, which she deeps into a Container containing an Oil. Then she rubs them on the rotten fishes. Adding that the reason why she was doing that was for the rotten fishes to look and appear fresh like the New smoked fishes.


“No one can tell exactly what type of oil that was inside that container. But from the look of things with what the Woman shared, seconds after she rubbed the oil on the rotten fishes, they all started looking shinny and attractive, that if you were not aware of what she did, you can never tell that they were all rotten fishes”, The Source said.

According to the report, the source had to use this medium to advise mothers and women, who purchase their food items from the market to please be vigilant and observant. Adding that some people don’t have conscience at all.


“Please whenever you want to purchase a smoked fish all any good item from the marker, endeavor to perceive then with your nose, to ascertain if they had been damaged. This is the reason why some women do complain that the smoked fish they bought from the market, will start producing maggots the following day, because you didn’t apply the oil like they normally do”

“On the other hand, I know that some traders feel some looses in their businesses, but that should warrant that you will not do things to gain back your looses, at the detriment of people’s health”, The Source added.

Video of What this Woman Was Caught Doing

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