Terrible! What Would a Whole Pastor be Doing With This in His Car.

Police visibility on our roadways has grown dramatically as a result of the lockdowns that have been in place since last year. These uniformed men and women mean business. As a result, all citizens must conform to the government’s regulations.

When law police stopped a preacher at a roadblock, he found himself in a bind. Nothing could be hidden. Nothing, not even his bible on his dashboard, could keep him safe from the authorities on Thursday morning.

Police apprehended him at Mamelodi East, Tshwane’s Denlyn Mall. Gauteng Police Service Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masondo says

As early as this morning, 830 wanted offenders were caught around the province by investigators, and their vehicles were seized because their engine numbers had been altered. There was another arrest for dagga and five unauthorized immigrants were sent home,” he added.

Violence against women (GVW), sexual assault, and rape are all problems in Mamelodi’s world. According to him, substance abuse is connected to social problems.

“We advise the Mamelodi folks to have fun responsibly,” he added. He asserts that the majority of assaults are perpetrated by people who know each other well and have a history together. Attempted murder follows assault, which leads to murder.