This boy is expecting a baby from his own mother!

Boy is expecting a baby from his own mother

The social media was shook after a boy from Cape Town uploaded pictures saying his actually expecting a baby from his own mother. This had left many people shocked and speechless because of what he said.


It seems that the two got together since they were pretty close. Since the boy’s father abounded his mother it seems as the mother was very lonely then later got close with her son.

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This has brought disappointment and embarrassment in the boy’s family. They expected that he’d take care of his own mother like she took care of him since he was a boy. The mother seems to be okay with this whole idea as well, she doesn’t have a problem at all.


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These two are eventually planning on getting married after the baby is born. Even though the whole social media is against this whole idea it seems as they don’t care about what other people have to say. They care only for themselves.

There is also story of a California woman said she was shocked to find out that after an extremely rare medical incident, she became pregnant with her own biological child while she was carrying another baby as a surrogate for a Chinese couple.

Jessica Allen told ABC News that doctors initially thought the second baby was an identical twin, and it was not until much later that they found out that it was her biological son.

Boy is expecting a baby from his own mother

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