This guy posted a picture but his mirror at the back exposed something else

Being in a relationship is a very wonderful thing especially if you find someone who you can truly connect with on all levels. Mostly when people are I love they love to show the world they relationships.

They post pictures together on social media platforms and share their special memories with the world. However sometimes people do not want to feel like they have been left out so they create fake memories and act like they ate in happy relationships


A detain guy posted a picture where he had a hand chocking him and captioned it. “’I swear my gill is a freak and I love it.” At first one would assume that there was another person in the picture but the mirror gave him away. He was in fact holding a phone in his hand then had the other hand’s nails done like it was a woman’s.blank

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People could not help but laugh at the extend that this guy went only to pretend that he had someone else.blank

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