This Is So Heartbreaking. Guys, Please Stay Away From Girls. No Man Deserves This

A guy who goes by the name ‘Soak’ posted a screenshot of his girlfriends whatsapp status. In that screenshot, it shows that his girlfriend was with another man and they we having wine.

Out of curiosity, he screen grabbed his girlfriend’s whatsapp status a posted it on Twitter and this is what he had to say:



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As you can see on the above picture, the a girl sitting holding a glass of wine and then there a guy lying in front of the girl with both his hands on top of the girls left thigh.blankblank

The guy replied to the whatsapp status with emojis that shows he was shocked and the girls reply was “My love I’m on a road trip vha”. Mind you, that time the picture she posted shows that she’s in someone’s room chilling with another guy having fun. Wow, where do you get such audacity to tell your boyfriend that you’re in a road trip while the picture you posted shows that you’re your chilling on bed with another guy having fun?blank

blankWell, the guy was really hurt and at first didn’t want to confront her, instead he wanted to avenge and give her the taste of her own medicine, you know when you’re hurt you don’t think straight. So after reading some few replies under his tweet he decided to dump the girl and move on.blankblank

It looks though as if the guy was head over heels in love alone because the girls last reply shows that she was single for quite sometime, and she posted a picture because she has found a man. Well, it hurtsblankblank

This is what happens in December, a lot of good relationships are going to be damaged because during festive season girls tend to find other boyfriend’s who got deep pockets and will be able to buy them alcohol and everything they desire.blankblank

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