{Video} Housing Finance Bank Boss Shot Dead by Jilted Husband for Persistently Munching his Wife

Housing Finance Bank Boss Shot Dead

A Ugandan man has killed his wife’s side dish, who also happens to be his wife’s supervisor at work, after he had committed to shoot him in the head for persistently sleeping with his wife. The jilted husband wrote a letter committing to shoot his wife’s boss sharing his displeasure about their unlawful love affair.


Sozzi, the woman’s husband, narrated how he had severally warned Mr.Kituka Ivan, his wife’s supervisor, and how he went a notch higher by slapping him infront of his customers and subordinates leaving the latter embarrassed. The late Ivan Kituka was a top employee at the Housing Finance Bank in Kampala where Sozzi’s wife worked as the Human Resource department.



In his commitment letter, Sozzi narrated how Kituka has been taking advantage of women he supervises at his work station. He painfully states how the departed man has taken his wife to all dancing halls and lodges in town. He accused Kituka of faking business trips to the US and the UK alongside his wife claiming they were out on ‘bank duty’.

Sozzi alleged that he had in his posession, videos of the two lovebirds having fun and forgeries the two used to obtain VISAs to the outside countries. He ended his letter by informing Kituka what was on his way.

‘ I have a budget on you to have you learn to respect other people and people’s families,’ read part of the letter.

This is because Kituka allegedly spends a lot of time with Sozi’s wife, whereby, according to letter written by Sozi, Kituka often feigns trips to the USA and UK on which he goes with the wife purportedly for official duty, yet in actual sense they be going for bonking sprees.

Sozzi continues that ; “…All those trips you have been faking with my wife to UK and US ‘Mbu’ on official duty that was merely to defraud the bank to fund your devilish intentions with my wife. I have in my possession videos of you f*c*ing my wife in a lodge I can’t mention here. I can’t imagine like you pig, you ugly thing, incompetently f*c**ing my wife in the video yet you have a wife. You with your matchstick P***s entering the V***a of my wife. Oh Noo!!
These days you even jog around the streets of Kololo with my wife and then you proceed to your usual rooms for you to lick her c**** as she licks your match stick like p***s, oho you pig I have the videos of such evil ways of yours with my wife and let me make this clear to you, I’m going to make these videos clear for print and social media for your wife and children to know.”


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Housing Finance Bank Boss Shot Dead

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