Watch: Cop Who Killed 6 Relatives Makes Peace Signs In Court

Mzansi was left in shock by the behaviour of a cop who allegedly ordered a hit on six family members who posed for journalists to take photos of her in court.

One of the pose which stood out was when she made gangster signs and kept on asking the journalists if they wanted to take more pictures of her.

The cop seem very much in unperturbed with whatever is going on, which has prompted many to conclude that she is either not well in the head or she is trying to fake mental illness so that the court can be lenient with her.

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu is appearing at the Palmridge Magistrate Court, she is being accused of killing six family members.

But what many are failing to understand is whether or not the cop is normal as she seem very much relaxed and not shying away from cameras for someone who murdered people.

“I suspect she’s planning to use mental illness to avoid jail time. A lot of people are doing it these these days,” some argued.

But many had warned that even though the cop might fake mental illness in court, her plans will fall flat as mental evaluation will prove her otherwise.

“The plan will fail. She will face psychologists/psychiatrists for mental evaluation and they will see through any tricks. She will be declared well and fit to stand trial,”

“You can’t manipulate your psych evaluation no matter how good of an actor you are though. She might be putting on a show right now, but if the evaluation is yet to come she can’t manipulate it.

If anything it might expose her narcissistic and manipulative traits.”