‘WEE OLISKIA WAPI?’: Meet Selemani Bungara, Sensational Tanzanian MP behind viral meme

“Wee oliskia wapi? Wee oliskia wapi?”. These are the Swahili words that have been effected by a certain Tanzanian dialect. The words loosely translate to “Where did you hear it? Where did you here it? Where did you hear it?”

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Well, a short video of a serious looking, brightly-eyed, full of life man talking to the men of press, uttering the words repeatedly, has been the trending meme in Kenya in the recent past.

So natural and funny is the meme that Kenyans on Twitter (KoT) have been using it to tell off anyone who publishes his or her unverified/unproved and hearsay opinions on the social media platform or in real time talk.

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I bet you have not cared to really determine the identity of the man behind the meme, what does he do or how the now famous meme came into being.

Well,the man’s name is Selemani Bungara, he is a 58 year old Tanzanian Member of Parliament representing Kilwa South constituency since 2005.Bungara was elected on the Civic United Front (CUF) party.

In the viral meme,Selemani Bungara was addressing members of the press to set the record straight in June this year, after reports emerged in Tanzania that he was planning to ditch CUF party to join Magufuli’s CCM.The fiery legislator clarified that he had joined Wazalendo Party instead.

Selemani Bungara is a renowned serial critic of Tanzania’s ruling party CCM

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